About us

    Tecnologia, Procesos y Maquinados S.A. de C.V. is a 100% mexican company with participation on the metal mechanical market specializing on the manufacturing of parts with CNC equipment satisfying the needs of national and international customers.

    Well known commercially as TECMAQ, we will follow the continuous improvement initiatives and pursuing diversification from the markets that we currently served.


    To be the best alternative for our customers, manufacturing products and providing services of the highest quality at competitive prices with continuous improvement in our processes thorough our quality management system.


    As we have built up a reputation of quality and excellent service with competitive prices through the years, we will continue with the approach to satisfy and exceed the expectations of our customers and continue in the path of continuous growing.


    Established at the end of year 1999 and with the objective to manufacture special machined parts to customers of diverse segments of the market, Tecmaq was born.

    The operation started with 5 CNC machines, 20 employees and a building of 1,100 squared meters located in Escobedo N.L., two daily work shifts, six days per week. By the middle of 2013 the company had grown to 73 CNC machines and a labor force 240 employees and moved to a more modern facility of 17,500 square meters located in the north side of the city of Monterrey.