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Tecnologia, Procesos y Maquinados S.A. de C.V. is a 100% mexican company with participation on the metal mechanical market specializing on the manufacturing of parts with CNC equipment satisfying the needs of national and international customers. Well known commercially as TECMAQ, we will follow the continuous improvement initiatives and pursuing diversification from the markets that we currently served.


To be the best alternative for our customers, manufacturing products and providing services of the highest quality at competitive prices with continuous improvement in our processes thorough our quality management system.


As we have built up a reputation of quality and excellent service with competitive prices through the years, we will continue with the approach to satisfy and exceed the expectations of our customers and continue in the path of continuous growing.


Established at the end of year 1999 and with the objective to manufacture special machined parts to customers of diverse segments of the market, Tecmaq was born. The operation started with 5 CNC machines, 20 employees and a building of 1,100 squared meters located in Escobedo N.L., two daily work shifts, six days per week. By the middle of 2013 the company had grown to 73 CNC machines and a labor force 240 employees and moved to a more modern facility of 17,500 square meters located in the north side of the city of Monterrey.

TECMAQ Sustainability Public Declaration and Results

We are committed to embarking on a decarbonization journey to mitigate the impacts of climate change. Our goal is to achieve a 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2025. We recognize the urgent need to act and have already implemented several measures to contribute to this target.

CO2e intensity (per unit of sales) was reduce by 34% from 2019 vs 2022.

Our target is to reduce CO2e intensity (per unit of sales) by 50% by 2025.

Scope 1 (Gas) emission in Tons: 69.71 (2019) reduced to 53 (2022)

Scope 2 (Electricity) emission in Tons: 794 (2019) reduced to 610 (2022)

To date, we have:

- Implemented energy-saving initiatives, such as installing energy-efficient lighting and optimizing HVAC systems.

Moving forward, we are committed to taking additional steps to further reduce our carbon emissions, including:

- Investing in energy-efficient technologies and equipment to improve our operational efficiency. - Transitioned to renewable energy sources by sourcing a significant portion of our electricity from solar and wind power.

We understand that the path to decarbonization is a journey that requires continuous effort and adaptation. We remain dedicated to playing our part in building a sustainable future and invite you to join us on this crucial mission."

Process capabilities

Mining Industry Components

- ISO 9001:2015 AS9100D Certified
- Several years relationship with Caterpillar & Rexnord company
- Extensive experience with Carbon Steel 1018, 4140, 1026, SST 300 & 400
- CNC Programs design

Materials purchased from approved suppliers and mills if customer requirement

Power Transmition Components

- CAD/CAM capability
- Supplier for Motoreductores, Nemak & Flowserve company
- Experience with Castings and Forgings materials

Aerospace Components

- Tolerances held to +/- .0001"
- Experience working with Honeywell Inc.
- 5 Axis CNC machining capabilities
- Experience with Aluminum 6061,2024, 7075

Oil & Gas Components

- Supplying finished parts to Baker Huges Inc, Halliburton Inc & Weatherford U.S.,L.P.
- CNC machining capabilities of 25.60" diameter and 80.40" lenght
- Stringent security & privacy policies
- Extensive experience with Brass, Bronze & Aluminum 6061, 2024, 7075
- Tooling design by CAD system

Truck Industry

Providing superior customer satisfaction
In business relationship with Sisamex, Novocast & Teknik
Complete in-house inspection department
We also processing special plastics Delrin, PPS and Acetron



Since Tecmaq was founded, has been a trusted provider of extraordinary CNC milling and turning.
We have constructed a reputation on supplying our customers on time and quality. Our new customers have been satisfied when they trust us their principal products of milling and turning.
Our aim is to provide CNC milling services with a level of quality and precision that customers stay in Tecmaq and keep for years to come as our main supplier of CNC Machining.
We provide horizontal and vertical CNC Milling up to 1,500 rpm and 4 & 5 Axis capacity with 25 CNC Machine Centers besides our knowledge and industry experience.


Across our whole experience as a provider of CNC Turning and machining, we have been built a working relationships with customers and providers for long time, we have worked to maintain satisfaction of our customers and quality for their products for every proyect.
We are pleased on delivering perfect and competitively priced CNC Turning for all production requeriments, we ensure that every customer will receive always the best quality and service all time, as the first day.
CNC Turning at Tecmaq features turning capabilities up to 22" diameter capacity and up to 12" lenght capacity, one of our lathes have milling capability. Having provided precision CNC turning for customers varying from construction industry to the oil & gas and aerospace industries, every custumer can expect quality and competitive pricing.

Subcontracted special process

Coatings (phosphating, chem film, anodizing, painting, dry film, qpq, flash chroming, shot penning), heat treatment, hardness testing and ndt (mpi, fpi, xray, ut). All according to customer or oil industry specifications.


Puma 240,250,280,300 & 400

Number of Machines 25
Max. Turning Diameter: 21.70"
Max. Turning Lenght: 41.10"
Spindle Motor: 15-50 HP
Chuck Size: 10-19" diameter
Spindle Bore: 2.10"-4.62"
Spindle Speed: 2,000-6,000 RPM

Puma 480L

Number of Machines 3
Max. Turning Diameter 12.00"
Max. Turning Lenght: 80.40"
Spindle Motor: 60 HP
Chuck Size: 21" diameter
Spindle Bore: 6.50"
Spindle Speed:1,500-1,500 RPM

Lynx 200B & 220

Number of Machines 18
Max. Turning Diameter 12.00"
Max. Turning Lenght: 12.70"
Spindle Motor: 12-20 HP
Chuck Size: 6-8" diameter
Spindle Bore: Up to 2.05"
Spindle Speed: Up to 6,000 RPM
Turret: 12

CNC Tongtai TVL-16DCR

Number of Machines 2
Max. Turning Diameter 80.00"
Max. Turning Height: 50"
Spindle Motor: 60 HP
Chuck Size: 63" diameter
Spindle Speed: 0003-250 RPM



We are a dynamic organization that provides great learning and development opportunities. TECMAQ serves interesting industries like Aerospace, Oil & Gas, and Commercial.

We believe our people is our most valuable asset, therefore we want to attract and retain the best talent. We look for talented people with outstanding execution and values such as: Integrity, Responsibility, Service oriented and Proactivity. We look for long term relationships with our customers as well as with our people. Do you want to join our team?


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